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4908 N Roxboro Street
Durham NC
Booth: 2215

Company Description:

Started in 1987, The Grilling Store was founded by Michael Davis and father Stanley Davis on the belief that fun, comfort, and relaxation should happen both inside and outside the home. What began as a propane retailer with one grill soon grew into a retail site, complete with a showroom. Before long, demand had increased, and they were selling not only grills but fireplaces and other products as well. After working as a service tech in the family business and eventually developing a passion for bringing elegant outdoor kitchens to life, and with their products being at the heart of that, in 2011, Chris Davis took over with excitement about growing the company. In their side business flipping houses, Chris and his wife realized that The Grilling Store was much more than that — they were creating an experience where their products fit nicely into an overall vision of a warm, comfortable, elegant home. And knowing that for centuries, humankind has been drawn to fire and intrigued by it, they felt the name HomeFlame better encapsulated this idea and the new brand — their legacy — was born.

What makes the HomeFlame name even more significant is that our homes have become even more central to most of our lives in recent years. By creating an enjoyable outdoor space that draws friends and family — it can become the heart of your home. Whether you plan to host family barbecues, large parties, or simply want to create an inviting place for rest and relaxation in nature, with the help of HomeFlame, you can design an outdoor living space that enhances your life.


Five Year Exhibitor

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