Making Fido Happy at Home

Mar 15, 2020, 16:06 PM

At the Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show this year, guests can check out the Sit Mean Sit Pet Stage, which is showcasing live dog obedience demos all show long. There you can pick up some tips to take home and try on your furry friend and enter to win a training package valued at more than $2,500! Guests can check out these talented doggos in action at the Sit Means Sit Pet Stage at booth #300 in the Jim Graham Building. While you wait for show time, Sit Means Sit Dog Training recently posted an informative blog about the ways homeowners can make sure dogs are friendly and feel safe in your home– while at the same time maintaining your home decor and not looking like a kennel:

There once was a time when the only “upgrade” you could make in your home for a dog was a simple doggy door. But as times have changed, so has our creativity, technology, and resources. If you’re thinking of personalizing your home to be more dog-friendly, here are a few ideas you might want to consider.

Good Boy Hero image2

Concealed Crates.

When adopting your furry friend, you probably didn’t think about how “cute” their metal wired crate was going to be sitting in the corner of a room. To help better conceal your pooch’s crate, consider placing it inside barely used coat closet or if you have one – under your staircase. Many pet parents have actually been jumping on the trend of using the (usually) wasted space under a staircase and transforming it into Fido’s own special area.

Built-In Doggy Beds.

Creating an elaborate built-in doggy bed for your pup is another excellent idea, that won’t necessarily need to be completely concealed away. Some owners build them under their mantel where a fireplace might have been. Other creations have been cut out of a wall, built under the owner’s bed, or added on to a countertop. Whatever you decide, this nook will allow your pup to feel safely confined in a place they know they can retreat to if things ever become too overwhelming.

Hidden Toy Chest.

As pet parents, we can sometimes go overboard with the number of toys we shower our pets with. But just like having a toddler with too many toys, they seem to end up everywhere – in every corner of your home. Since you can’t really ask your furbabies to clean up after themselves, your next best alternative is a toy chest. These can easily tuck under a bench or aligned neatly in a corner appearing as a simple decorative chest.

Check out more tips I person on the Sit Means Sit Stage at the Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show, April 3-5. Remember when you buy your tickets online you save $2! For more information, visit Sit Means Sit Dog Training Raleigh on their site and for the Sit Means Sit Stage schedule see our site.